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General Repair
Colletti Motorsports not only works on performance cars, we also perform basic maintenance on all makes and models of stock cars. From oil changes and tire rotations to full engine and transmission rebuilds, we are the only shop you need for all your automotive needs.

Aftermarket parts installation
Got high performance components you need installed on your car? From simple bolt-on parts to full car builds, there is nothing we can not install.

Need help selecting or finding the aftermarket parts that are right for your car? Give us a call and we can help.

Engine and Transmission builds
We build custom engines and transmissions to your specifications. Stock rebuilds, spec race engines, forged internals, sleeves, head work, hybrid combinations, just drop off the engine, transmission or the whole car, let us know what you want and we can take it from there. We can help with parts selection and purchasing or you can bring your own. Note: If you're interested in bringing your own parts, please call first. Many parts can only be selected after the block has been machined.

Engine Swaps and Conversions
We're very familiar with most popular conversions, from standard JDM bolt in swaps to ones that require massive wiring conversions.

We can also do automatic to manual swaps and wiring changes to match older cars with newer engines.

Want to do the swap but not the wiring or stuck halfway through your project? Give us a call and we can pick it up on a trailer or you can have it towed down.

Modified car diagnostics, repair, and maintenance
If your modified car is having problems you can not figure out, or needs some basic work done but everyone keeps scratching their heads when you say "engine swap", bring it to us. Our experience with modified cars lets us overcome the problems caused by their deviance from stock without just throwing parts at it at random.

Custom Fabrication
Colletti Motorsports specializes in custom fabrication for many different components such as:
  • Roll Cages
  • Roll Bars
  • Intakes
  • Exhausts
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Charge Piping
  • Brackets and Braces

Dyno Tuning
One of the most important aspects of improving the output of an engine is properly tuning the fuel delivery and ignition timing. This is done on our Dynojet chassis dynamometer so we can measure the gains each adjustment makes. We work with everything from standalone ecus to re-jetting carburetors.

Suspension Tuning
There is more to good handling then simply "lowering" a car. Each component must be adjusted until the whole suspension works in harmony. Standard repair shops usually align the car to factory specs, and only adjust the suspension where it was tunable from the factory. We not only work with the factory adjustments, but also any aftermarket suspension components. We can also tune it to your specifications, for street, street / track, and full race use.